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Starting this year there’s a new music festival in Honolulu : ANA Honolulu Music Week. Imagine, as you walk the streets of a tropical island, a light breeze carries a melody with it that sounds like classical music. Aiming to realize this image, the State of Hawaii, the City and County of Honolulu and ANA have come together to work on this culture project. With each passing year we plan to increase the scale of the festival, as well as the number of venues and live musicians.

In 2019, in commemoration of the first ever ANA Honolulu Music Week, a three-day pre-festival event will be held downtown at Blaisdell Concert Hall from Friday, November 15th to Sunday, November 17th. As it’ s in November, and on the cusp of Thanksgiving, Christmas decorations will be up and the streets will bustle with events and sales. Over the holiday season, Hawaii will hum with sightseers from all over the world.

Music has the power to bring us all together. The people who come here transcend country, culture, and language to become one, to have a Hawaiian experience like never before, and to make history. ANA Honolulu Music Week is here to stay.

Shunichi Tokura
Senior Executive Director


A music festival in Honolulu, one of the most attractive tourist spots of the world, would surely attract people even those who aren’t music fans. Hawaii is a unique place where people of every race coexist, and thus created multiracial culture. Even if you look at music, there is traditional music unique to Hawaii as well as classical and rock music from strong European and American influence. Music that came with Asian immigrants also has deeply taken root in Hawaiian music culture.

In this truly cosmopolitan city, we are about to begin a new venture to bind people from all around the world though music. Music has a mysterious power. Through music we can communicate, and feel things we cannot express in words. Just by listening to a melody, people can share its joy or sadness. Music brings magic to the world.

That magic is brought to you by wonderful artists. This year, our main acts include British singer Engelbert Humperdinck that dazzled world audiences in the 60s and 70s. Ryu Goto the former child prodigy that grew into a world famous violinist. Ryoko Moriyama and Kiyotaka Sugiyama are also slated to make appearances. We are also delighted to have Hawaii Symphony Orchestra with us throughout the festival.

One of the greater significance of this music festival is cultural exchange between Japan and Hawaii. Also creating ties amongst the youth from both countries. We will see numbers of local artists participating in this festival as well. The joint session with Hawaiian Symphonic Orchestra, Honolulu university and Hawaiian junior orchestra would be the grand finale of this year's Festival.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to see music binding people over the Pacific ocean. ANA Music Festival in Honolulu will make our dreams come true.

Akira Senju
Executive Director

Hawaii is one of the rare places where you can feel the energy of the earth. Whenever I visit this place, I feel my body and soul refreshed and charged with energy. And it’s with great pleasure to announce that a festival celebrating music, a common language among all human beings, will kick off here in Hawaii this year.

We all live on the one and only planet earth. People have many different lifestyles, customs, ideologies, cultures, religions, etc., and sometimes the diversity causes conflicts. I believe music can make people accept mutual differences to live together and hand it over to the next generation, and to be remembered and conveyed to the future. In this international music festival, with the help of power from the earth spreading here in Hawaii, I believe we can communicate messages through music, even if those are difficult to be put into words.

I hope this festival will be a unique and unparalleled one which goes beyond genres, borders or eras, presenting music from the Pacific Rim to the world, featuring mainly classical music but also traditional music and popular music, along with various cultural collaborations.

David Yutaka Ige
Governor of the State of Hawaiʻi

Aloha! On behalf of the people of Hawaii, I’d like to welcome you to ANA Honolulu Music Week. I’m really excited because it is the opportunity to create one more signature event that attracts visitors and residents alike to the island. The opportunity to meld global music with the best of Hawaii really allows us to create a signature event that’ll become known throughout the world.

Kirk Caldwell
Mayor of Honolulu

Aloha! As the mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, I want to invite all of you to please come to the ANA Honolulu Music Week, to enjoy incredible music and culture in one of the most diverse places you’ll find anywhere in the world. Celebrate our formal aloha in coming together. I hope it becomes a tradition that goes on for decades where you bring people from around the world to Honolulu, a place in the middle of the Pacific, where we celebrate our diversity and the music of our place and the music that surrounds the Pacific Rim.

Yuji Hirako
President & CEO

Music always moves us in ways that are beyond anything we can even imagine. For me personally, that feeling intensifies whenever I even hear it.
From this year, ANA will join up with Honolulu, Hawaii, where the airbus A380 is in service, and move forward with a new initiative that will go beyond our wildest dreams.
It’s the beginning of an unprecedented, new musical experience that goes beyond genre and promotes cultural exchange and working together.
With the cooperation of the Governor of Hawaii, the Mayor of Honolulu, and many other people, we will be able to launch ANA HONOLULU MUSIC WEEK.
We feel it is our mission to create an event that will be loved for years to come and that thrives in and grows with the local area. We won’t focus only on music performed on stage, we’ll also create musical activities to help children spread their wings and fly towards the future through music education.
To everyone that has made ANA HONOLULU MUSIC WEEK possible—the locals, the artists, the tourists, the sponsoring businesses—we sincerely hope that this festival moves and fills you with joy.