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QDo I need to bring any IDs when claiming tickets?
APlease show your passport or driver's license when claiming your ticket 90mins prior to the performance.
QWhere can I claim my tickets for the NBC and Kawaiaha’o Church performance?
ANBC: Vouchers will be exchanged for hard copy tickets with seat assignments at the entrance on S.King Street.
Kawaiaha’o Church: Vouchers will be exchanged for hard copy tickets with seat assignments at the will call desk will be set up right infront of the church.
QHow can I claim my seat for ticktes purchased via Veltra?
ATickets can be claimed 90mins prior to the performance, seatings will be on a first-come-first served basis.
QCan I cancel or change my tickets after payment?
AAll ticket sales are final, No exchange or refund.
QIs there a discount if they purchase multiple event during the ANA Honolulu Music Week?
AThere are no discounts for multiple purchases, the Final Concert will be donated to a Children's Organisation in Hawaii (details coming soon)
QIs there group pricing for larger groups? How many people?
AThere are no group pricing for tickets this year.
QWhere can I get tickets to the free programs?
AFor free programs, venues are held in open areas with some capacity limitations.
QHow can I claim seats at Kawaiaha’o Church?
ASeats will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.
QWhere can I purchase Ryu Goto's concert tickets?
APlease check "Tickets" on our homepage.
For US residents, Ryu Goto tickets can be purchased from or J-Shop(US).
For JP residents, tickets can be purchased via or Veltra and Pia (JP) .
QWhere can I purchase tickets for concerts at Kawaiaha’o Church?
APlease check "Tickets" on our homepage.
For US residents, concerts in Kawaiaha’o Churchcan be purchased from or J-Shop (US).
For JP residents, tickets can be purchased via or Veltra and Pia (JP) .
QChildren from what ages require tickets?
AAges 4 & up will need to purchase a ticket for entry.
QWhich credit cards do we accept?
A(For Residents in Japan) VISA,Master Card,JCB,AMEX,DINERS
(For Residents in US),Master Card,AMEX,DINERS,DISCOVER
*Ticketmaster only accpets US credit cards :VISA,Master Card,AMEX,DISCOVER, JCB, VISA Debit, Master Card Debit
*Only JCB payments will be converted from USD to JPY
QWhere can I purchase tickets?
ATickets can be purchased from our homepage "Tickets" (
For US residents, Blasidell concert hall tickets can be purchased online from and Kawaiaha’o Church concerts can be purchased from or from J-Shop (US).
For JP residents, tickets can be purchased via or Veltra and Pia (JP) .
QWill the event be in English or Japanese? Or both languages?
ASome events will be held in both English and Japanese.
QWhich events have reserved / open admission seating?
ABlasidell Concert Hall will be reserved.
Kawaiaha’o Church will have an open admission seating.
QHow do I request for accessible seats?
AAccessible seats are available by contacting Blaisdell Box Office at
QIs there a dress code?
ANo Dress code
QWhere can I obtain the program leaflets/ playbill?
AThe program details will be introduced on our homepage and on the Playbill that will be distrubuted before the show, and at hotel lobbys.
QWill this music week be held next year? If so, when will it be?
AIt will be held every year in November for a week. Details for next year will be notified via our "What's on"page.
QEvent dates?
AThis year it will be held for 3 days from 11/15(fri)~11/17(sun).
QIs there any tour packages for ANA HONOLULU MUSIC WEEK?
ANo package tours are available at this moment.
Please refer to our homepage "Tickets" to purchase concert tickets, air tickets and hotels seperately.
QIs there an overflow lot for the Blaisdell Concert Hall?
AParking is often available in nearby lots or on the streets around Blaisdell.
QWhere is the parking for Kawaiaha’o Churchand is there an alternative lot?
AKawaiahaʻo Parking is extremely limited; we suggest using LYFT to attend these shows.
QHow do I go to the Blasidell Concert Hall?
APlease check the Neal S. Blaisdell hompeage for directions.
QWill any transportation be provided?
ANo transportation will be provided from Waikiki.
Please check with your nearest travel agency or use public transportation (bus,taxis,trolley).